Why school district matters, even if you don’t have kids

School district is one of the most influential factors for resale value. When seeking out your ideal home, you'll probably evaluate various locations before you finalize the purchase and secure a residential mortgage. You'll consider the neighborhood, how safe it is and how far the commute to work or the grocery store will be. In your [...]

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Thousands of Utahns will see their credit scores rise this summer

In a joint decision, the three largest credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) agreed to modify their rules about what to include in the credit score algorithm, The Wall Street Journal reported. Beginning July 1, 2017, certain tax liens and civil judgments will no longer be included in the calculation in some instances. Complaints [...]

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How to calculate an accurate home cost estimate: Part 1

When you first embark on your homebuying journey, you'll probably come across a mortgage calculator online. These tools can be incredibly helpful; after all, you don't want to go into a house purchase blind. Getting prepared for what your monthly payments will actually be is crucial to staying financially healthy throughout the purchasing process. But [...]

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