Here’s What Buyers Need to Know About Home Square Footage

Square footage is a complicated number, and it’s one that confuses many homebuyers. Here are answers to your most pressing square footage questions. The average home built in the western United States in 2010 is 2,143 square feet, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, an increase of more than 100 square feet compared to one decade [...]

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3 Common Concerns Sellers Have About FHA Borrowers

For first-time homebuyers entering the real estate market, an FHA loan is an attractive option for an affordable residential mortgage for a number of reasons including lower credit score and down payment requirements. The same features that make the FHA loan program so attractive for buyers doesn't always seem so great from the seller's perspective. When sellers [...]

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Is refinancing my mortgage a good idea?

Sometimes refinancing costs you more than you expect. According to NerdWallet, Americans lose at least $13 billion a year by not refinancing their residential mortgages. While it's true the process can save you a lot of money, it can also be a poor financial decision. Here's a brief explanation of how to determine whether or not refinancing your [...]

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How to calculate an accurate home cost estimate: Part 1

When you first embark on your homebuying journey, you'll probably come across a mortgage calculator online. These tools can be incredibly helpful; after all, you don't want to go into a house purchase blind. Getting prepared for what your monthly payments will actually be is crucial to staying financially healthy throughout the purchasing process. But [...]

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