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Loan Documentation Checklist

Academy Mortgage Team 101 provides you with resources­—like the Loan Document Checklist below—to make obtaining a home loan as smooth and simple as possible for you.

Use the following checklist to be sure you have what you need for your loan. Other documentation may be required.

  • Most recent two years’ federal tax returns with ALL schedules (2016 and 2017)

  • Most recent two years’ W-2 statements and/or 1099 statements (2016 and 2017)

  • All paystubs for the last 30 days (showing your name and year-to-date earnings)
  • Copy of your driver’s license and Social Security card
  • Most recent two months’ bank/asset statements

  • Must include ALL pages; i.e., if page 1 says 1 of 7, then we need all 7 pages

  • Must be bank-generated statements that include your name, account number, and the bank’s name

  • CANNOT be transaction history printouts from accessing your account unless they include the information provided in #2

  • Examples of other asset statements to provide: stocks, 401(k) plan, retirement accounts, mutual funds

  • If self-employed: Provide:
  • Most recent two years’ business tax returns with ALL schedules
  • Most recent two years’ K-1s/1099s/W-2s
  • Copy of your business license and unaudited year-to-date profit and loss statement if applicable
  • If you have rental property: Provide copy of current rental agreement and your most recent two years’ tax returns with ALL schedules
  • If divorced: Provide final divorce papers, including child support/alimony agreement and final decree (signed by the court) and all revisions

Please contact Academy Mortgage Team 101 with any questions or concerns