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What is a 4-Way Inspection?

At this point in the construction process, your superintendent may invite you to walkthrough your home to review its most important mechanical features. You will get to check out the rough framing, electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating/AC systems prior to drywall going up.

Getting familiar with your house is important. Here’s your chance to see what’s going to be behind your walls, under your floors, and above your ceiling.

*The process differs from builder to builder. Check with yours to see if their standard procedure involves a 4-Way Inspection.


Framing is tough work. Framers are the ones that actually paid attention in their geometry classes. Here’s your chance to peek at structural items, point loads, bearing walls, bracing and fire blocking before drywall goes up.


A lot of hard work goes into plumbing. This “behind the scenes” look at your interior and exterior plumbing systems is essential knowledge for maintaining your home. Pay attention to your water shut-off valves in case of plumbing emergencies!


Get to know your AC and Furnace systems. With our hot summers and cold winters, they will be two of your best friends. Your builder may have valuable information as to how to use your HVAC system to make it run as efficiently as possible.


Pay close attention to where your outlets, light and other electrical features are being placed and discuss with your builder any changes that you’d like to see made before drywall goes up.

Contact your builder if you have any questions about 4-way inspections.

Now, it’s time to sit back and watch the finishing touches go up on your new home.